Sky Chiew – Misc Quotes

In my previous post, i focused on my interview with TechinAsia. In this post, i take a different approach, featuring some of my favorite quotes over the years. They’re from a variety of sources, including The Business Times, HRM Asia, blogs and others.

‘We didn’t have a lot of capital so we needed to adopt a different strategy,’ says Donut Empire CEO Sky Chiew, who recently won the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2008 for his entrepreneurial success with the chain. – Business Times, 2009

Sky Chiew – Financing Strategy

But Mr Chiew is not about to start borrowing from banks to finance his expansion plans, especially given the tight credit conditions.

‘All along we have not had any finance from banks because we are in a cash business,’ he says. ‘If we got debt we would have expanded very fast.

‘But my style is that I don’t want to owe people money or borrow money from the banks. All of our machinery has been fully paid for.’ – Business Times, 2009

Sky Chiew – Singaporean Taste Buds

Singaporeans have discerning taste buds and they go for quality, he says. – Business Times, 2009

Sky Chiew – R&D

Mr Sky Chiew, the CEO of Donut Empire states that “many taste tests” have been done to ensure that the flavours fit into their signature donut flavour. –

Sky Chiew – Why I Entered F&B

“The reason why I went into the donut business is because I’ve always had a passion for the food and beverage (F&B) industry. My parents were in the F&B business and I fell in love with donuts as a child,” Chiew fondly remembers.- HRM

Sky Chiew – Adaptability

“We have to adapt ourselves constantly if we wish to expand overseas. We have to get used to different mentalities and different service standards available in other countries, and adapt ourselves accordingly. – HRM

These are a some of my favorite quotes and i’m putting them in a post for easy access. What do you think?


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