Sky Chiew – My Interview With Tech in Asia

One of the interviews that i’m most proud of is the one with Tech in Asia. Time flies and it has already been nine years since “Interview: Sky Chiew, CEO of Donut Empire” was published and you can read the full interview on Tech in Asia but i just wanted to share some of the key snippets.

Sky Chiew – The Early Years

I used to own several clubs and pubs in Malaysia and was in the entertainment business for 10 years.  Now I run my club in Singapore alongside my other businesses. I chose the food business because I have passion for it and also because my parents were in this industry as well.

Entrepreneurs in F&B

Every industry has it’s quirks and the F&B industry is no different. A good product is probably paramount but it needs to be supported by good marketing and effective management as well.

The Sky’s the Limit

One question that i’m asked a lot is what my tips are for aspiring entrepreneurs. Always remember to think big and plan your path. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Fortune favors the brave and it is important not to let the minor setbacks stop you from your dreams.

What’s an average day like in the life of Sky Chiew?

Different strokes for different folks is how i’d describe it. There’s no one size fits all prescription on how to live our lives but if there’s one thing i’d like to highlight is the need for an active lifestyle and i love wakeboarding and golf!


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